Moissanite Custom Pendant – Make It One Of A kind

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a type of rock crystal diamond that is being prepared in a laboratory. It has a hardness that is higher than diamond and can be polished to a mirror-like finish. It has been grown from molten silicon carbide, which is the same material used to make silicon chips. Moissanite jewellery is one of the most popular types of jewellery in the world. Moissanite was created by accident in 1893 when a scientist named Henri Moissan was growing crystals from molten silicon carbide. He discovered that his experiment had created an extremely hard mineral with an amazing shine, which is known as moissanite. Moissanite jewellery is popular because it offers many benefits over other types of jewellery like diamonds or cubic zirconia such as being durable and less expensive while still retaining its sparkle and shine. It has an extremely high refractive index and is extremely hard – harder than diamond. Moissanite jewellery can be found in many shapes and designs such as rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces etc. among which pendants are in trend nowadays. Even in pendants, people are preferring moissanite custom pendant which means their designs are self-created by the consumers. This rock crystal is created by a special high-pressure, high-temperature process. It has a refractive index of 1.65 which makes it an ideal material for lenses and other optical equipment. Moissanite is becoming increasingly popular because it is now available in various online stores like and available in many different colours like white, yellow, green and blue.

moissanite custom pendant

How To Customize A Moissanite Pendant

Moissanite custom pendant is perfect for those who want to give an original gift to their loved ones. However, it requires extensive knowledge of the process in order to create your own personal one. Technically the process of making a moissanite pendant starts with rock crystal properties. The rock crystals are then cut by hand into their desired shape before being heated up to 900 degrees Celsius which melts them together into a liquid form. After that, they are poured into the mould where they cool down quickly and harden within hours or days depending on their size.

As a consumer, you must focus on how the whole customization procedure works. Here we’ll be talking how work is done in Moissani India Private Limited:

  • Guided Discovery Session: This is the very first step a customer goes through in our organisation. Creating an ultimate moissanite pendant is not that easy task. It is on the customer if he wants design from custom listing provided by us or wants to provide an image for inspiration. The process includes choosing a stone that you want to mount on a pendant base and of what colour or of what design. Afterwards it is made sure that it’s cut properly so that it can fit into the mounting base. The whole procedure is done with complete transparency, like what material mixture would be used. Being a visionary veteran, we want you to be sure you are creating a ring that will last a lifetime & you’ll feel confident when you say “I DO”.
  • Complimentary Quotation: Secondly, a price is specified at which products or services would be offered. We work closely with jewellery designers while the creation of pendant. Things must be considered are: stone shape, band width, faceting, size, colour, setting, engraving etc.
  • Process of designing: We want your love story to be encased in pendant form and live with you forever. So designing process is basically listing all the details you want in that pendant. All these details are engravings of your love. If you want name to be engraved or design to be created, you can say and we’ll do accordingly. Revise and render your pendant design until you feel confident. Once confirmed by the customer’s side then only designing take place.
  • Happily Married: Once pleased with custom design, our lapidary & horolists proceed with the work to make the exact moissanite custom pendant. Our production team takes care of everything afterwards, if you want to add particular type of metal you can, you can tell in what amount you want to add that. Then the Quality Assurance team come to action and check if the details is done properly or not. Last step is pendant being packaged and sent beautifully. We believe in happily ever after so further resizing & revising is also welcome if required. Pros you are getting here are you can speak artisan jewellers directly. You want to design flower or heart shaped or anything. You just say, we do and provide.

moissanite custom pendant

How Much Moissanite Pendant Cost?

Moissanite Pendant is an item that can be sold for a high price. The price of the item is based on its rarity and the current market price. The cost of Moissanite Pendant depends on its rarity, which is determined by its colour and shape. The more valuable it is, the higher the sale price. For example, a green moissanite pendant with a round shape can sell for $625 while a blue one with an oval shape can go for $1,125. But price of moissanite custom pendant is not fixed or comes under any range since it all depends upon the requirement and demand of the user. The cost of selling a moissanite pendant depends on the type of moissanite pendant you are selling. It can be worth anything from 100 to 1000 gold coins. It is a modern and fashionable jewellery item. Hence, the price of the moissanite pendant depends on its size, design and quality. A small moissanite pendant will cost around $100 while a large one would be around $1,000-2,000.

moissanite custom pendant

How can you ensure your precious jewellery lasts the test of time?

A moissanite custom pendant acquires all the properties of a diamond along with a major pro that is it never clouds. Many people consider them to be a symbol of love and commitment. The clarity, shine, colour of moissanite pendants never goes off. If we talk about diamond, it is a valuable gemstone that has been around for centuries. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth and are often used as engagement rings and wedding rings. When it comes to jewellery, diamonds are the most popular gemstone because of their durability and beauty. However, diamonds have been known to fade or lose their shine over time unlike moissanites. There are many ways to ensure your jewellery last the test of time;

  • One way is by storing your jewellery in a safe place with a humidity-controlled environment.
  • They can also be affected by external factors such as chemical reactions with oxygen in the air or heat damage from being exposed to extreme temperatures for too long. Try avoiding exposing your jewellery to harsh chemicals like chlorine and salt water pools.
  • Store them properly in a cool place that is dry but not too cold or hot.
  • Wear them sparingly so they don’t get affected in a wrong manner.

moissanite custom pendant

How do you make sure your stone is high quality and rare?

There are many ways to make sure your moissanite custom pendant is high quality and rare. Here are some tips:

  • The pendant should be clear and have no inclusions or discoloration.
  • It should not have any visible damage or imperfections
  • The custom pendant should be in a setting that is not too heavy for the gemstone.
  • There should be no evidence of heat treatment on the moissanite.
  • The cut should be very good, with no visible inclusions or blemishes in the stone.

One of the most important things to consider when buying such a beautiful pendant is its quality. The main way to make sure your stone is high quality and rare is by purchasing from a reputable company like If you are not sure if an item is real or fake, you should look for the professional help.

moissanite custom pendant

Why people buy Custom Moissanite Pendants?

Moissanite is a type of gemstone that is an alternative to diamond. Moissanite has become the most popular form of gemstone in recent years. It is mainly used for jewellery but it has also been used for other purposes like cutting tools, watches and even spacecraft windows. There are many reasons why people buy moissanite custom pendant:

  • One being that it can be cheaper than diamonds or even more affordable than cubic zirconia.
  • Another reason is that moissanites are much rarer than diamonds, which means they’re more difficult to come by and can be worth a lot more as well.
  • Moissanite pendants are a popular choice for people who want to wear something that sparkles but doesn’t break the bank.
  • They are also a great gift idea for someone you love or want to show off how much you care about them as well as you can custom it according to your need.
  • It’s extra durability with a hardness of 9 and an index of refraction of 1.54-1.57 makes it more in demand. It’s hardness makes it resistant to scratches, scuffs, and impact damage, making it ideal for people who are looking for something that will last them a lifetime.

moissanite custom pendant

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