Moissanite Diamond

Moissanite diamond

The moissanite diamond, is one of the more recent additions to the existing traditional jewellery stones, and comes from a relatively new category of gemstones, which have reflective properties and spectral colours that surpass those of diamonds, as well as have a higher brilliance, lustre, and fire than ever imagined.

The moissanite stone was first  stumbled upon by Dr. Henry Moissan

 while examining a few million year old meteorite and its resultant crater more than a century ago. Upon closer inspection it has been scientifically proven that the moissanite stones are a close rival to diamonds, with the key differentiating factor being the lower hardness levels of the moissanite diamonds at 9.25, while diamonds are rated at 10 on the Mohs scale. 

The chemical composition of the moissanite gemstone with silicon carbide as the major component, making it an ideal choice for jewellery as it cannot be easily scratched or loose its well rivalled shine and/or lustre against the test of time in the usual wear and tear.

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Our team at Moissani, deals responsibly and ethically as previously discussed, in cutting, polishing and finishing of a wide range of moissanite stones, synthetic diamonds, precious stones, semi precious stones and beads, with such aforementioned products being  known on the global playground for their vibrant colours and exquisite finish. 

Our prioritization of the pillars of trust and reliability especially

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We empathize as well as understand that at times the consumers may wish to return and/or replace the products purchased due to a wide range of varying reasons including certain unforeseen circumstances. This also is the reason we have a stringent yet fair replacement and return policy for moissanite stones and jewellery in place which is accessible to the public globally even before the purchase. In case of any consumer choosing to exercise their powers we will help and support them to the best of our abilities, as long as they abide with the company guidelines and policies. 

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