14k Gold Earring with Natural Turmalin and Moissanite ER008




Gold 14kt

Gross wight 4.609 Gram

Net weight 3.351 Gram

Moissanite Weight 0.78 carat

Tourmaline Weight 5.51 carat

DEF color VVS1 Clarity .

Best quality Moissanite Ring with Perfectly Designed in 14K gold .American style jewelry . enhancing your beauty 10 times.
Moissanite engagement rings are the new diamond style ring, The moissanite Gems is new and best substitute for diamonds. engagement rings it is a brilliant clear diamond stone, but at a very less of the price of a mined diamond .like

The looks, durability and beauty of moissanite engagement rings are as close to mined diamonds as you can get. In fact, moissanite engagement ring are often mistaken for mined diamond rings. Opting for moissanite instead of diamond can save you money at what is bound to be an expensive time in your life!