Refund / Exchange Policy

  1. Goods can only be exchange or Return with original bill issued at the time of purchase.(MUST)
  2. Only jewelry is exchange or returned. No loose product will be exchange.
  3. No customize orders will be made in exchange / return, only exchange by ready stock.
  4. Charges (Rs. 1000/-) for certification will be deducted on Returns / Exchange.
  5. Value of return is 80% / Exchange 100% on Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds after deduction of Making Charge all will be calculate as current value depend on current price.
  6. No damage should be made on stone. It should be in proper condition.
  7. After quality check only it will be identified that exchange or return can be done or not.
  8. If parcels been shipped to customer both side shipping cost will be applied.
  9. In exchange of moissanite only moissanite will be issued. Same for lab grown.
  10. GST will be deducted for and exchange or return.
  11. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: No Return / No Exchange
  12. No Exchange No Return on below Rs.10,000/- Order Value
  13. Refund are made in 7-10 days after receiving the parcel to us.
  14. Exchange/ Return will only be done with ready stock jewelry. Not on customise orders.
  15. The all policies can be change as per time, without notification.
  16. Exchange / Return will not be done on sold exclusive offer jewelry.
  17. Exchange only 1 time can be done on a article.
  18. Exchange / Return will be made after deduction of Making Charge, GST, Transection Fee (if any) and Shipping Charge (if any).
  19. If you have paid any advance to make order and want to cancel in between by any reason refund will be made after deducting 100% labor charges, transaction fee and other deduction as per order.
  20. At the time of pandemic, natural disaster, lockdown, demonetization or any other unexpected situation no exchange and return is applicable.
  21. Ring size will change according to you or if any side stones will come out from ready article then we will repair it free of cost, all are requested to cooperate at that time.

All Policies are applicable on all purchase done from us.